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How to change location of user folders in Vista

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Posted: 13.11.2008, 13:38    Post subject: How to change location of user folders in Vista  

Vista and Windows Server 2008 has built-in annoying features, like auto-placement of user's default My Documents, Pictures, Downloads , Desktop and Music folder on System drive C:\
Many users decide to have system C: drive clean and only for OS itself, while user's data is to be located on separate partition. Indeed, this is the best logic and I wonder, why Microsoft did not already included it into OS installation wizard.

So, to free up space on system C: drive and to move user folders to D: or any other partition, simply follow these steps for each of the following folders:
- (My) Documents folder
- Downloads folder
- Desktop folder
- Music folder
- Pictures folder

Then my suggestion is to create custom folder on separate partition, something like:


And then go folder by folder:
- right-click on first of above mentioned folders, for example on Documents folder
- select [Properties]
- go to [Location] tab
- select [Move...] button
- navigate to D:\UserData
- click [New Folder] to create new folder and name it by it's original, in this example "Documents"
- double-click onto newly created "Documents" folder to browse into it, and then click on [Select Folder] button below
- after confirming, Vista will ask you if you want to move the content to new location and you select YES as an answer.
- files will then be moved over to new location and you are done!

Repeat above procedure for all above mentioned user's folders, and you will have data separated from system.
Also, reinstalling the whole OS and making backup is a lot more easy with such a configuration, because you always know, where your documents and music is located.
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