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Problems transfering FSMO Schema master role

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Posted: 24.5.2019, 23:51    Post subject: Problems transfering FSMO Schema master role  

When transfering FSMO roles to new server, I had problems with Schema master role, which was still on old server. Check your status with netdom command:
Code: C:\Windows\system32>netdom /query FSMO
Schema master               OLD.domain.local
Domain naming master        new.domain.local
PDC                         new.domain.local
RID pool manager            new.domain.local
Infrastructure master       new.domain.local
The command completed successfully.
As we can see, all roes are transferred to NEW server, except Schema master role. Prerequisites to transfer this role are:
1.) You must be member of Schema Admins security group
2.) You must register Active Directory Schema MMC snap-in using this command:
Code: regsvr32 schmmgmt.dll Then run MMC and add Active Directory Schema snap-in
3.) Connect to your NEW domain controller with this MMC, then select Operations masters
4.) If CHANGE button is greyed out, you either are not connected to NEW server, or you might use the TRICK:

Edit properties of your user in ADUC --> Member of --> PRIMARY GROUP and set it to "Enterprise Admins". Log-off and relogin to server and now you will have CHANGE button available
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