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Cisco VPN Client problem on Windows 10 - does not open

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Posted: 22.11.2019, 17:03    Post subject: Cisco VPN Client problem on Windows 10 - does not open  

Sometimes Cisco VPN Client version 5 on Windows 10 computers simply does not open anymore. You start Cisco VPN Client, but connection dialog does not start, window does not open.

To repair Cisco VPN Client ver 5 on Windows 10 machine, you will probably need to do this after every Windows update - please, take care of repair steps order, must be done in the listed order:

1.) Go to Control Panel --> Programs and Features --> click on Cisco VPN Client and select REPAIR

2.) Once done, open Registry Editor by typing in Windows 10 search:
And navigate to the following key:
On right-side panel find the following key:
On broken system it will have some weird characters, percent signs % and such right before real name "Cisco VPN Adapter..." Just remove all text, % percent signs, semicolons from name and leave only the RIGHT part of name, saying Cisco VPN Adapter something...

Once you close Regedit window, your Cisco VPN client will immediatelly work. :)
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