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Domain computer or AD server showing Public Network

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Posted: 19.2.2020, 07:58    Post subject: Domain computer or AD server showing Public Network  

The problem is very annoying, sometimes all local domain computers and servers are on DOMAIN NETWORK just fine for few months, then all of the sudden some hiccup occurs and a Domain Controller, domain member, even SBS show PUBLIC NETWORK.
Browsing the network is not possible, quite some services go bad.


If this happens after REBOOT, then most likely NLA service kicked-in before DNS could resolve, so it helps to restart NLA Network Location Awareness service.

Also very rarely documented, but very likely to happen is this problem on computers, which have MULTIPLE NIC NETWORK ADAPTERS, or MULTIPLE IP addresses setup on single NIC adapter.
In this case windows looks like enumerate NIC adapters by IP also, and when they enumerate by "primary" IP all works fine, network is Domain Network. But when they enumerate NIC adapter by "secondary" IP, then NLA detects conflict between Domain subnet and subnet of secondary IP and consequently sets network location to PUBLIC.
You can see this by entering route print, like in example below. You can see LAN subnet of domain is, but NIC adapter is identified by 2nd subnet, which generates conflict:
Code: >route print
IPv4 Route Table
Active Routes:
Network Destination        Netmask          Gateway       Interface  Metric

Workaround is temporary removing 2nd IP address, and re-adding it back. Restart NLA Network Location Awarness service if necessary.
This should do maybe for a year!

At the time of writing I have no permanent solution for the problem.
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