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Outlook search randomly not working or displaying only part

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Posted: 21.2.2023, 01:00    Post subject: Outlook search randomly not working or displaying only part  

Most of us hit that Outlook Search problem at least once and Microsoft recommends many methods, like:

Rebuilding Search index - this indeed may solve problems, but only if search results are persistently broken at the same place or search phrase
Creating new Outlook profile - this is what is recommended for multiple problems in Outlook
Repairing Office - yes, very usefull, you have Quick repair, which leaves settings intact, and Full repair, where you will need to set views, account settings and such once again. But most of the times Quick repair will solve program crashes
sfc /scannow - this is like changing oil in your car. I do it every once and then, when repairing any customers computer, and once a year on my computer.
Reinstalling Office or even whole PC - last resort, but believe or not, even this will NOT get rid of annoying random Outlook search problems

What I found out is quite shocking. Especially with random Search problems, when one day it works, then the other doesn't, or one day it returns only results for past 2 days, or for one search term it returns proper result, while for another search, it returns nothing.... well for such types of problems I found out Microsoft's attempt of trying to be smart, aka AI, is guilty!

Try this solution for Outlook search problems:

Under Search options --> turn OFF the option "Show most relevant search results on top"

Voila! :D :D
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